Posted on 24-Nov-2020

IrriSmart Ltd


Specifically and Bespoke for Substrate Growing Systems. Customised to fit you Growing System, Substrate and Crop.

IrriSmart LTD Solution are proud to offer Netafim’s Variable Spaced Uniram Driplines Bespoke and specific to all Growing System, Substrates and Crops.

Available with Skipped and Cluster Spacings Skipped Spacing - Choose where the Dripper clusters start and finish, depending on Grow bags, Through or Pots

How Many Dripper Points - Choose how many drippers you want in each cluster.

Dripper Spacing – Choose what dripper spacings you would like in each cluster.

Heavy Slopes – Choose either CNL or HCNL depending the terrain of your site. Flow Rate Choose from a wide range of flow rates
CNL - 0.7, 1.0, 1.6, 2.3, 3.5 L/H
HCNL - 0.85, 1.25, 2.0, 2.9, L/H

Additional Extra:
Standard Driplines come in Black Optional Grey or White - to prevent absorption of sunlight, in order to optimize available radiation for photosynthesis.
Standard Driplines feature a Physical Root Barrier to prevent root intrusion Optional XR – Extra Root Intrusion Protection using a embedded copper-oxide additive.
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