Posted on 01-Dec-2020

IrriSmart Ltd

UV systems continuously disinfect Drip Irrigation, Over Head Sprinkler Irrigation, and Sprayer Water. UV Disinfection System are suitable for Soil and Substrate Grown Corps. They give Chemical Free water disinfection for Field, Polytunnel and Glasshouse Growing systems.
UV disinfection treats water for:
• Cryptosporidium
• Giardia
• Dysentery bacilli
• Salmonella
• Mycobacterium tuberculosis
• Streptococcus
• E. coli
• Hepatitis B
• Cholera
• Algae
• Fungi
• Some viruses
Without treating these Pathogens and Viruses, Crop are more susceptible to problems that can develop into issues and diseases such as:
• Fungi
• Pythium,
• Phytophthora,
• Fusarium
• Erysiphales (mildew),
• Powdery mildew.
• Tomato bronze (wilt) virus
• Tomato mosaic virus
Some of which can cause severe problems and cause great challenges to Crops and Potential Yield.
UV treatment is the ideal solution for Substrate and Glasshouse Production, as it is a completely clean technology, there is no chemicals and leaves no residue on Water or Plant tissue.
As UV Technology require no Chemical seasonal and year budgeting is simple due to no unexpected Fluctuations in Chemical reliance or prices.
Over Head Sprinkler Irrigation and Using treated water in the crop sprayers and have additional benefits:
• Saving on pesticide sprays
• Improved crop quality
• No residue on the crops
• Less stress for the crops
• Ensuring a healthy environment for greenhouse workers
• Biological control agents are not harmed
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