Posted on 25-Nov-2020

IrriSmart Ltd


A Cost Effective, Time Saving, Labour Reducing and Installation Friendly Irrigation Solution.
Along with No More Sore Fingers and Thumbs.

Traditionally, drip irrigation in the UK is assembled on the farm utilising the available labour. Tens of thousands of drippers are manually inserted into pre-punched pipe in a task that, whilst being repetitive and arduous, requires skill and experience in order to ensure the integrity of the completed system. As the cost for labour increases and the availability of that labour reduces, GROWERS are looking for a way to install drip irrigation with a reduced labour input and at the same time reduce some of the problems which can occur from incorrect assembly on site.

The pre-assembled drip system is delivered to site fully assembled and needs only to be laid out across the beds and connected to the hydraulic system.

High quality drip irrigation system delivered fully assembled

Significantly reduced local labour requirement at point of installation

Increase in quality and integrity of system via automated assembly and factory QA procedures

Overall cost saving compared with traditional installation of drip irrigation
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