Posted on Jan 12, 2021

IrriSmart Ltd


When grown in ideal conditions, your plants will reward you with healthy crops and high-quality yields. Feeding plants in the most optimal way is crucial in creating optimal crop results. Therefore, we've developed the fertigation (fertilizers + irrigation) technique - using drip as a delivery system for nutrients.

Fertigation is all about quantities, nutrient combinations, and precise timing. Precision fertigation is the optimal root-zone management tool, delivering just the right combination of water and nutrients directly to the roots of each plant, according to your crop development cycles.

Precision fertigation optimizes your fertilizer investment by letting you change dosages on-demand. For instance, in response to setbacks like market fluctuations and weather changes.

When dealing with greenhouse soilless cultivation, precision and homogeneity is crucial. Soilless substrates have a very low buffer capacity (depends both on substrate and container characters) so water and nutrients must be delivered to the plants in small doses and with very high accuracy. To do this, we've created Netafim's industry leading multi-channel dosing machines.
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